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New Breakthroughs Smartphone Technologies of 2013

8 years ago | 10421 Views

Frankly speaking, some attempts to revolutionize the world of smartphones deserve close attention; so let’s plunge into the novel future and have a good look at a number of highly potential projects.

1. Phoneblocks

Dave Hakkens, the inventor from the Netherlands, has recently published the concept of a modular Phonebloks smartphone, which can be assembled in accordance with the user’s preferences. The idea is pretty simple: the gadget itself consists of a single base-board for modules installation, depending on your requirements and budget. All the modules fit any part of the board safely and easily, while the device reminds of a mosaic.

2. Flexible Screens

Samsung has introduced a flexible OLED-display, the YOUM, which can be bent in both directions and enhance flexibility of mobile devices, at CES 2013 Consumer Electronics and Computer Technology conference. The audience has appreciated a smartphone’s prototype with enthusiasm. 

3. Holographic Smartphones

Hewlett-Packard scientists are working hard to create 3D-image display for smartphones and tablets that does not require the user to wear special glasses. In contrast to the existing counterparts, HP does not force the user to look at the image under a strictly defined angle, allowing rotating and tilting the device.

4. EmoPulse Smile

Emopulse Company has recently introduced the Smile project, aiming at receiving funding through the Indiegogo platform. The answer is simple, the device is meant to secure a grip on a lion’s share of the market. This smart watches equipped with two curved OLED-display and a touch control panel, a high performance TI OMAP 5 processor and 2GB of RAM.

The manufacturer is planning to pack Smile SmartWatch with a 12MPx camera for video recording in 1080p quality. In addition, an auxiliary camera to scan QR-codes and hyperlinks will come as out of the box feature. 

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