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What to look for in Video Converter Software

8 years ago | 16260 Views

Looking for the best video converter software? You have to compare different video converters before making a purchase.

The ability to watch video on different types of devices is a wonderful thing. Not so wonderful are the compatibility issues that often arise when you try to watch the same video on different devices.

What to look for in Video Converter Software

The most important aspect is to make sure your video converter supports familiar formats like AVI and WMV for watching on a PC, and MP4 for mobile devices. If you use a Mac or iPad, look for MOV file support. 

If high-definition (HD) matters to you - and it should - make sure the video converter supports the H.264 codec. Although H.264 is the standard codec for Blu-ray discs, it’s also widely used in streaming web video. If you want to post your videos to YouTube or Vimeo, for example, both of those sites support H.264 encoded video files.

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why should i buy when i can download for free
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