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Windows 8 vs Windows XP on the old laptop

8 years ago | 14115 Views
Microsoft Corporation encourages all users to stop using outdated Windows XP in favor of the more modern versions of the operating system.

However, many PC owners do not hurry to use this advice. Despite the fact that official support for XP will be discontinued in April 2014, many people still consider it to be the fastest, secure and stable operating system from Microsoft.

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Tags: Windows 8, Windows XP


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Sergey 8 years
I use Windows XP on my PC and laptop since 2002 until now. What OS do you use and why?
SecNews 8 years
I use Windows 8. I always adopt the latest versions of Windows. Each new version fixes flaws in the previous version.
Sergey 8 years
I know no one is using Vista, right? :)
Anonymous user 8 years
I use Linux for many years now. I use Linux to aid and support Open Source software.
Anonymous user 8 years
Enterprises need to get off XP as quickly as possible
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